Choose a Healthy Snack Box for delivery in India.

4 types of Snack Boxes to choose from:

1. Bar Bar Box: An assortment of 16 Bars collected from pan India. Includes energy bars, protein bars, muesli bars, dark chocolate bars and nutty bars. Suits on-the-go lifestyle.

2. Immuno Snack Box: A collection of 14 snacks that helps to build immunity naturally. Includes dehydrated fruits, berries, pumpkin seeds and trail mixes. Packed with nutrition for better immunity.

3. Healthy Snack Box: 26 Healthy Snacks that includes superfood munchies, cookies, seeds and dehydrated fruits. Discover a great variety of healthy snacking.

4. Quarantine Snack Box: 16 Snacks for a Quarantine Lifestyle. Rich in natural nutrition sources carefully picked by our experts. Made from millets, quinoa, brown rice, seeds, lentils, oats, dehydrated fruits.

Bar Bar Box. Rs 720. Snacks: 16 

16 Assorted Energy Bars. Rs 700. Weight 487 gms

Immuno Snack Box. Rs 680. Snacks: 14 

14 Immunity Boosting Snacks Rs 680 Weight 435 gms

Healthy Snack Box. Rs 950. Snacks: 26

26 Healthy Snack Packs. Rs 950 Weight 739 gms

Quarantine Snack Box. Rs 600. Snacks: 16

16 Yummy Snacks for whole family. Rs 600 Wt 498 gms