Employee Engagement for WFH Teams

4 Reasons why you need a Virtual Engagement Program 

for Remote Teams

Build Connection

Work from home practice can leave your teams disconnected. Regular engagements can establish sustainable connection & alignment with priority goals. 

Boost Morale

Approx 69% employees say they would work harder if their efforts are recognised and rewarded. It is quintessential to keep morales up for work from home teams in order to recognise & retain top talent.

Improve Efficiency

Efficient WFH practice can lead to highly efficient workflows that can create a competitive advantage. Keeping teams engaged & charged is important to meet your WFH objectives. 

Employee Wellness

A healthy individual is a true asset. Mental, Physical & Social health is pivotal to maintain competitive environments. Remote Engagement is first step towards achieving employee wellness.

Discover our Remote Engagement Solutions

Here's how you can manage engagement with  remote employees. 

Health & Wellness Programs

Choose from Online Yoga, Nutrition for Boosting Immunity, 

Managing Mental Health, Meditation & Functional Training. 

Interactive sessions delivered online.

Motivate with Virtual Rewards Program

Year-end performance appraisals is a thing of past. Today's digital organisations need a recognition system that can reward & motivate on milestone basis: a way to remind your remote teams, your sales force or your channel partners 

that their efforts are seen & recognised. 


Ice-Breakers & Virtual Entertainment

Take a step to destress. Includes Interactive Sports League, Comedy Shows, 

Celebrity Interactions, Scavenger Hunts, Game Shows and Virtual Parties

WFM Joy Box

Surprise and delight your remote employees. 

Send them Work from Home Joy Box directly at their address.

Run Your WFH Engagement Program from Home

Employee Engagement with WFM teams is now easy. No more concerns of real gatherings or travelling. Simply send us your shortlisted program that best meets your team's requirement. We ensure each of one of your remote employee is recharged and left rejuvenated.