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Discover WFM ideas for Employee Engagement!
Boxybite Snack Box Delivery for Virtual Meetings, Conferences and Remote Teams !

Joy Boxes for Teams

Be it over virtual meetings or taking a break: we all love snacks. So why eat those junky snacks when you have a healthy option. Increase happiness at work with this awesome employee engagement and Virtual Conference Attendees Engagement tool.

Snack Boxes for Events

Check out our Healthy Snack Box Collection for global meetings, events and conferences. We deliver in more than 25 countries. Engage your remote employees and attendees.  Get it delivered at your participant's addresses in the fastest and cost effective way

Engage Remote Teams  

Keep remote teams engaged and charged with sessions on wellness activities, virtual rewards, surprise treat boxes, ice-breaker activities and more at the comfort of their homes. We make remote workplace stress-free and fun.

Easy Procurement 

Boxybite brings over 100 brands at your door-step. So that you don't have to deal with 100s of suppliers for a great variety. Every month we add new products in order to keep excitement intact.

Discover Our Snacking Solution!

Portion Perfect Snacking

Seasonally  curated to meet nutritional requirement. Packed in portion perfect sizes to avoid over-eating & keeping fresh-ness intact. Helps avoid food wastage and saves cost. 

Save Time & Money

Curated, Assorted, Packed & Delivered month on month. You  don't need to deal with 100 suppliers for 100 options. Savings now come complimentary to peace of mind.

Choose from 150+ Snacks

From artisanal to international brands, from munchies to wild berries, over 15 categories and 150 + healthy snacks. We will spoil you when it comes to variety.

Engage & Motivate Workforce

On-premises food ranks as the 3rd most employee motivating perk globally. Engage people at work in an easy and cost-effective manner. Get ready to see the change in your own office break-out area.

Have a look at our Snacks

A peep into our  collection of 150+ snacks and over 15 categories can spoil you of choices. From roasted munchies, to energy bars, from trail mixes to seed mixes, from old time favourites to new discoveries. 

All packed in portion perfect sizes. Have a look! 

Office Subscription
Made for Small and Mid Size Teams

Perfect for post-lunch hunger pangs and for those often days when you miss breakfast. Choose from snack-tray or individual boxes for homes. 

Seasonally curated  to meet your nutritional requirement. 

Awesome combination of national, international & artisanal snacks.

Individual snack packs provide enhanced hygiene.

Virtual Employee Engagement
Show your remote teams that you care.

 Virtual Ice-breakers and Activities

Wellness Events. Rewards and Motivation Programs 

Work From Home Joy Box

Snack Boxes for Remote Employees
​A Collection of Joy Boxes Ideas for WFH employees.

Show care for your Employees in such trying times.

What's inside: Nuts to Wild Berries, Low Fat and 100+ snacking options.

Make it utility friendly with Personalised Greetings from you Company. 

Group Greetings
​Send a real greeting for virtual meetings. 

Select from a wide range of greeting templates 

designed for remote employees and virtual meetings. 

Choose the one that best fits your meeting goals.  

Brand the template with your logo and message. 

The card goes inside snack box of your choice.

Find a Perfect Fit for Your Office

From small teams to large teams. 

All needs a bit of a motivation. 

Food availability in-house is a great facility. 

Check out our solution that fits your team size.

Small Teams

Monthly Subscription

Medium Teams 

 Snack Rack

Large Teams

Vending Machine

Customised Solution

Dedicated Snack Concierge

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Taking pride in serving top-notch companies.

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