Choose Your Snack Box

Different people have different styles and tastes.  We have built snack boxes to meet your lifestyle. 

Vegan or Gluten-free, Non- Vegetarian or Nut-Free. Choose the one to suit your dietary preference.

We have a Surprise Box for the adventurous ones. 

Breakfast Snack Box

A box with grind coffee and tea to kick-start your day.

Along with some accompaniments like

munchies, bars, cookies, corn and fruit snacks.

A box of 6-7 snacks with tea and coffee.

Gluten-Free Snack Box

Perfect pal for gluten-free lovers.

A concoction of popped chips, granola bites, cookies,

jerky, choco and fruit bites.

A box of 8-9 gluten-free snacks 

Vegan Snack Box

Say Hello! to a vegan snack box.

Open it to savor fruit and corn snacks, 

choco-nuts, veggie straws and grain based snacks.

A box of 8-10 vegan snacks.

Snack and Beverage Box

Veggie chips, bars, corn and fruit snacks

along with kettle style potato chips, 

Plus 2 electrolyte water in two refreshing flavors. 

A snack bow with 6-8 snacks and 2 beverages.

Non-vegetarian Snack Box

Open up to power of protein. 

A box with few meat based snacks along with

bars, munchies, sweet and fruit based snacks.

A box of 7-8 snacks to energize your day.

Nut-free Snack Box

Are you nuts ! Not me.

We got you covered with a collection of nut-free snacks.

Including munchies, fruits, bars cookies, and seeds 

packed in a box with 9-10 snacks

Surprise Box

A combination of our best seller snacks includes

chips, fruit, chocolate, nuts, cookies and bars.

A box of 9-10 yummy snacks.

Book now to unravel the fiesta.

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