Surprise and delight your remote employees. Send Work From Home Joy Box across multiple countries.

Perk-up your remote employees and virtual event attendees across multiple countries. Send them a healthy snack box while they work from home. Boxybite now delivers WFH Snack Box and Virtual Event Swag Box across USA, Canada, U.K., France, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Nederland, Dubai and Japan.   

Check Out Snack Boxes for USA Delivery. Starting $26.6

Mini Snack Box. Was 32.6. Now US $26.6 

Included 10-12 high quality snacks like cookies, energy bar, nuts, corn snacks, munchies and  fruit snacks. Add a customized message  Perk-up employees or fuel up your next virtual meeting engagement. Shipping Included.

15 Count Snack Box. US $39.5 

Tea and Coffee included. Add a company or event message. A great way to break ice with new joiners or remote event attendees:  A box brimming with healthy yet tasty nibbles. Shipping Included except Alaska and Hawaii.

Themed Snack Box USA. US $50

Completely branded snack boxes for celebrations and conferences. Communicate leadership message or conference theme. Celebrate small and big achievements of your teams and send them Thank You themed Snack Boxes. Shipping charges apply.

Check Out Swag Boxes for USA Delivery

Snacks and Swag Box US $ 52.5

A healthy snack box with tea, coffee, notebook and a campfire style over-sized mug. Enjoy your virtual meetings with your favorite beverage and snacks. Shipping included.

Snacks and Beverage Basket US $ 48.5

10 Premium snacks with 2 refreshing beverages. Packed in a gift basket wrapped with cellophane. Add a custom message and make a perfect work from home care package. Shipping included.

Healthy Snacks and Swag Box US $ 46.5

Add some swag to your remote meetings. Send virtual event boxes and make WFH meetings more fun. Over-head phone with healthy snacks indeed add a punch. Shipping included. 

Check Out Snack Boxes for Canada Delivery. Starting $25

Large Snack Box. CAD $58.99

9 full sized and 5 snack sized packs A collection of local brands with ethical techniques of production; selected by food experts. Shipping, taxes extra. 

Medium Snack Box CAD $36.99

Box contains 5 full sized and 3 snack sized packs. A perfect combination of tasty surprises. Not so sweet. Not so salty.  Shipping and taxes extra.

Mini Snacker Box. CAD $41. 

A great box to discover 7-8 healthy and delicious snacks. Made with snack sized packs which are perfect for one time eats. All inclusive price.  

Healthy Snack Boxes for Canada Delivery

10 Count Snack Box. CAD $ 38. 

A great combination of 10 variety snacks for employees and partners. Add a custom note. Shipping free for Quebec and Ontario.

20 Count Vegan Snack Box. CAD $ 53

This is a great value box for vegan followers.  Add a custom note and a company logo. Shipping included for Quebec and Ontario. 

Tea and Coffee Box. CAD $ 45

A tea and coffee box is a perfect match for conferences and virtual meets. Add a custom message, Shipping included for Quebec and Ontario.

Check Out Snack Boxes for the U.K. Delivery. Starting £15

15 Count Snack Box. U.K. £ 23.95.  

A collection of energy bars, trail mixes, snacks, corns and munchies for working from anywhere teams.  Get a customized message for your team. Free delivery across the U.K.

22 Count Snack Box U.K. £ 29.95

A collection of nuts, bars, jerky, crackers, dried fruits, corn snacks and trail mixes for your remote employees. Free delivery across the U.K. Get a customized message for your team.

10 Count Snack Box U.K. £ 14.95 

A collection of vegan and gluten-free snacks. Packed in letter box sized pack. Perfect snack box for for virtual event attendees. Free delivery across the U.K. Get a customized message for your team.

Check Out Snack Boxes for France and EU

Organic Snacks Hamper Euro 34

Organic snack box delivery for employees and business associates. Includes green tea, pomegranate juice, french guava jam, chocolate spread, milk chocolate and more. Ships to EU countries as well. Shipping extra. 

French Gift Basket Euro 35

Beautiful work from home care package to engage employees and partners. Includes blossom biscuits, assorted fine chocolates, cocoa truffles, hazelnut spread and more. Ships to EU countries as well. Shipping extra. 

Gourmet Snacks Hamper Euro 26.5

A perfect virtual event box to treat remote attendees. Includes Star biscuits, collection of chocolates, Greek oak honey, organic apple-cinnamon jam and more.

Ships to EU countries as well. Shipping charges extra as per destination.

Check Out Snack Boxes for the Netherlands and EU

18 Count Snack Box for NL Euro 35 

Make remote participants alive with healthy snacks for employee meetings. This snack box for the Netherlands delivery has 18 yummy snacks.

Add a custom message. All inclusive price.

18 Ct Snack Box for Belgium. Euro 45

Make virtual meetings more exciting with employee snack boxes.  This snack box for Belgium delivery has 18 healthy snacks. Personalize with a custom message. Price includes shipping and taxes.

Slim Snack Box for EU Countries, Euro 11

7 Count Letter Box sized snack box for EU countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, NL, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and many more. Shipping extra as per destination.

Check Out Snack Boxes for India Delivery

Bar Bar Box. Rs 720

A collection of 16 assorted bars hand picked by our food experts. Contains energy bars, protein bars, muesli bars, nutty bars and dark choco bars.

Healthy Snack Box. Rs 950

A collection of 26 hand picked snack packs. Contains superfood munchies, cookies, bars, seeds and bites.

Nothing fried. Only Roasted.

Immuno Snack Box. Rs 680

A collection of 14 snacks rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and A and minerals like Zinc and Magnesium. Berries, seeds, nuts, gooseberry and dried fruits give you nutrition for the immune system.

Run Your WFH Snack Program from Home

Your favourite snacks are assorted & hygienically packed for shipping. Simply send us the bulk address list of your team after placing the order and we ensure each of one of your team member gets the Joy Box with ease. 

Want to speed up your snack box search ? 

Access our research converted into a super quick guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out below answers in case you have some questions on mind.  You can also share your queries through Contact Us button. 

What is estimated delivery time?

3-5 business days for local orders. 

Pre-built boxes are shipped the next day of placing order and delivered between 3-5 days.

Customized boxes may take 7-8 working days depending up on what kind of customization is required.  

How do we collect address of individual person?

Email us your address list or ask us for a address collection link.

Once payment is done, you can share addresses over a spread-sheet by collecting addresses by your own and e-mailing to us. 

Or ask us to create a link for you which you can share with your people to fill in address details.

How does multi-country snack box delivery done?

Our local partners deliver multi-country snack boxes in respective countries.

You give a multi-country order to us: we fulfill multi-country orders via our local partners. 

You only have to deal with us and your multi-country orders are sorted. 

You save on international shipping, you save on time and your folks get best of local products.

How do we make payment?

Credit Card and PayPal Accepted

You can make payments via credit card or via Paypal. E-mail your multi-address list once payment is done. We send you invoice after you have made payments. 

Tracking and Delivery Status

We share a delivery status on your address list.

Once products are shipped: we check delivery status and inform you directly for small orders. For large orders we send you tracking codes against your address list. 

Dietary Preferences

Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, halal, non-alcoholic are possible

You can add a column for Dietary Preferences in the address list. We make sure preferences are taken care of.

Where are USA boxes shipped from ?

Colorado and Minneapolis

Snack Boxes for USA delivery are shipped from Colorado and Minneapolis.

Where do we ship from for the United Kingdom delivery ?

Manchester and Bristol

Snack Boxes for the UK delivery are shipped from Manchester and Bristol.

Where do we ship from for the EU delivery ?

France and Netherlands

Snack Boxes to EU countries are shipped from France and the Netherlands.

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